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Open Letter

Dear customers!

Company Royal Protection Wong Kar please send warmest greetings to clients. Our company is a supplier of professional security services include:

- Provide security guards, bodyguards.

- Production, sales and installation of protection, fire protection equipment Camera.

- Training and skills training in security operations. Insurance 24/24.

- Liability Insurance Cart reason for civilian careers and up to 500,000 USD.

With the trend of social development, specialization and professionalization is the essential factor to have an excellent product and service. Professionalism with the distinct characteristics of the security services that we provide are based on the following factors:


- Personnel Management Operations: We promote people gathered enthusiastic, experienced and capable of exploring, take professional security services first appeared in Vietnam (1995).

- Technical staff: Includes a team of long study and in-depth research in the field of protective equipment, programming and systems integration protective equipment in France and Russia.

- Lecturer: We have a team of trainers combine many years of practical experience in the targeted protection and protection advisers with over 35 years of age vocational training for police protection.

- Employee Protection: To be selected, trained in a training curriculum of professional security personnel by faculty and advisors of the Company we compiled.


- The monitoring equipment, alarm, fire alarm and programmable integrated in a system operating under the operational effectiveness of security personnel. Therefore, the goal is protecting the optimal level of safety that is not necessarily the presence of too many guards, which sometimes causes people to feel uncomfortable for everyone around.

- We are also a major supplier of CCTV systems, Access Control, Intruder Alarm, fire protection system, the radio system, free advice to customers needs.

The logical combination between human factors and equipment have made an important characteristic for the security service of our professional. Our company wishes and ready to serve clients with a superior professional services.


Headquarters: 156 Republic Street, Ward 12, Tan Binh District, Ho Chi Minh City

Telephone: 08. 62925462/463/464

Fax: 08 62925465

Branch Road CX2 Quarter 4, TT Phuoc, H Ben Cat, Binh Duong Province

Council Members.



- Certificate of Business Registration No. 0303325504 - Department of Planning and Investment of Ho Chi Minh City dated 06.02.2004

- Tax code: 0303325504 - Ho Chi Minh City Tax Department.

- Capital: 12 billion VND.

- Legal Capital: 2,000,000,000 VND.

Sign up business. (Business protective services).


Customers choose and use the security services - Security Protection Corporation Hoang Vuong Gia will gain economic benefits and non-economic, as well as the benefits of HR - Administration.

     Economic benefits:

With minimal cost services, Customers will not pay attention to:

     The direct costs and indirect internal protection.
     Cost management, inspection and monitoring.
     Cost trained security personnel.
     Investment costs protective equipment and apparel.
     The cost of insurance, welfare, etc ...
     The cost of compensation losses caused by the security forces.
     Labor accidents, .v.v ...

     Non-economic benefits:
         Security needs - safety guaranteed maximum, 24/24.
         Security technology and trade secrets.
         Active in service selection decisions.
         The quality of professional services and the modern security equipment.
         The plan for optimal protection and comprehensive, etc ...
     Benefits Administration - Human Resources:
         Skip stitch selection, annual training security guards.
         No supervision, management staff.
         The right to choose and replace the guard.
         The best coordinate with the police and local government, etc ...


The professional staff of the Company Hoang Vuong Family Protection screening, selection standards.

- Ages from 18-38.

- Minimum height is 1,62m (South) and 1,58m (Female).

- The minimum weight is 58 Kg (South) and 48 (f).

- Graduated from high school.

The Applicant must be selected according to a process of strict rules and systems comprising the steps of:

- Verification of personal history.

- Inspection of civil and criminal history.

- Proficiency physically and mentally.

- Blood tests, substance.

- Check status, ethical conduct.

- Direct interviews and examination tests.


After passing the test this step, students will practice at the goal formal protection during at least 03 months. Includes 02 months of exposure work and 01 months probation, and graduate work at the target. While studying at the isolated target, the students continue to be monitored, evaluated carefully about the personality, thinking abilities and career orientation before officially becoming a security guard professional.

The students learn theory is based on a separate curriculum and professional and refined by the Company collected from actual lesson plans plus the security of transactions in the relevant references from all over where to build and develop a training curriculum. This course is we are constantly upgrading and adjusted to suit the requirements and development experience.


1. Professional Basic Skills:

- Rites, Manners, this command team.

- Business inspection, patrol and control.

- Professional guide, prevention and troubleshooting.

- Professional guidance and coordination of traffic.

- Business and management opens sealed.

- Business up and checked records and reports.

- Professional recognition and memory.

- Professional protection targets fixed and mobile.

- Business protect the truong.vv ...

2. Legal Knowledge:
- The relevant provisions in the Penal Code and Criminal Procedure Code.
- The relevant provisions of the Civil Code and the Code of Civil Procedure.
- The relevant provisions of the Administrative Law, Labor Law.

3. Technical, Tactical and Martial Arts:
- The basic techniques.
- Technical defense, dodge.
- Technical control, lock and remove the key.
- Technical countervailing fight.
- Tactical attack and ve.vv ...

4. Technical Fire Safety, Fire:
- The rules and regulations for fire prevention and fire fighting.
- Detection and identification of fire.
- Measures for fire prevention and fire fighting.
- The status of the primary fire and cuu.vv ...

5. Ability to Use Equipment:
- Use skills and tools to support preservation.
- Skills use of smoke alarms, smoke detectors.
- Skills operating systems and alarm monitoring.
- Skills to use special equipment biet.vv ...

6. Communication Skills:
- Manners, language greeting, vocative.
- Foreign Language, English basic communication.
- Communication skills, communication, telephone.
- Coordinate and collaborate with the police authorities.
- Manners front, statutes, rites.
- Apparel, attitude, style, lifestyle.
- Respect the customer and the rules and conditions lenh.vv ...

7. Professional Specialty:
- Professional first aid, evacuation and disbanded.
- Business Profile senior bodyguard, protecting and escorting.
- Skills to capture and exploit information.
- Implement and response team maneuver.
- Ability to react and emergency situations.
- Skills and business marketing basics.
- Confidential information and trade secrets doanh.vv ...


Management Direct:

At the target is protected, we build a management mechanism and management objectives guards directly and regularly. Each target is run by a team leader, responsible for organizing, conducting and coordinating with the relevant function. Besides, we promote self-awareness and capacity management of each cross guard, ensuring maximum professionalism and safety purposes - maximum security for our customers.

Patrol Mobility:

Professional activities in the target are checked, including 04 monitoring through patrols, maneuver. Mobile patrols are conducted regularly and randomly, ensuring the integrity, independence and objectivity of professional management system. At the same time contribute to improving self-discipline and sense of responsibility of each employee.

Executive Online:

Board of Directors Company Hoang Vuong Family Protection regularly inspect operations at the target. The board members have been assigned to carry out the management online at goal, regardless of location and time. This plays an important role in the bonding company and creating democracy based on the relationship of equality and openness.

Professional training:

Handovers between the captain of the goals is conducted monthly. The captain also be involved fostering the exchange of experience and improve business management courses are held quarterly. Besides, the security guard training regularly update the knowledge and skills to ensure maximum capacity of staff and quality services we provide.

 The Recurring Article:

The guards will be deployed between the target rotation periodically from three to six months or at the request of customers. The objective of this activity is to ensure maximum security needs - safety of our customers, while promoting the spirit and consciousness of each employee protection.

In addition, we also indirectly manage the business and employee motivation through welfare schemes guarantee workers' rights, including social security, union, reward and celebrate law, etc.


Security Services In conjunction with the Human Security Equipment - Safety:

Based on staff management and professional security personnel, were recruited and trained regularly with the system. We are ready to provide customers with security forces responsible, dynamic and committed to ensure maximum security needs of customers and achieve optimal economic efficiency.

The security personnel of the Company Hoang Vuong Family Protection is trained in the security profession and often advanced training. In addition, the efficiency of operations has been reinforced by the close collaboration between Global and local police forces and police protection under the Ministry of Public Security.

A special distinction and outstanding security of professional services that we provide is the effective combination between the protection of human protected by a system of surveillance equipment, warning against intrusion and fire prevention and fire fighting.

With security services combined with our professional, customer can totally assured of the safety of people, property and buildings, and equipment as well as the confidentiality, security technology business.

Service Monitoring and Protection Distance:

This is a special security services completely new in Vietnam. Based on technology monitoring, alarm and video surveillance technology combined with information - communication, monitoring services and remote protection is applied tend to be more in the next few years. Especially in the area of office, urban, apartments and villas.

The essence of this service is to use the alarms, monitoring, intrusion monitoring and automatic transmission signals suspicious addresses from subscribers to a processing center. These signals will be analyzed, locate and then immediately sent to the security team on duty and mobile phone numbers and (landline and mobile) as requested by the user (eg number local police phone, home phone, phone management office, apartment, etc ...).

The most important advantage of using this service is that subscribers are guaranteed maximum security in any truomg with a cost no higher costs for energy use or telecommunications charges is entirely possible competition while operating time can be up to 10 years.

 Service Provider Training and Human Resources:

The guard because we provide purged under a detailed selection process and systems; be trained in the basic security operations and improve, including protective skills, martial arts, law, language, fire protection, communication, rescue, etc ... and training fostering professional with the ability periodically using modern equipment.

In addition, we regularly organize training courses for professional security guard agencies, businesses, organizations, and unions. The training courses and professional training will be held periodically at the request of customers, satisfy a demanding part of professional security capabilities. All course graduates who are certified protection, are widely recognized and legitimate.