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Bảo vệ Hoàng Vương Gia
Capacity Profile
  • Trần Minh Anh
  • Huỳnh Hải Lâm
  • Trần Thanh Hải



1. Search and provide information about the husband or wife of adultery.
2. Look for and provide information about the person you are in love and intend to marry.
3. Find identify and provide information about bad relationships can lead to social evils.
4. Find lost for the elderly, children leave home.
5.also information about relatives living away from home.
6.Quan reason, monitoring and protection to those who are underage family.
7.Tim understand social relationships, counseling, children's education.
8.Tim and provide other information as required in civil relationships - marriage - family.



1 To provide information, evidence, civil proceedings which includes the protection of intellectual property, copyright, work, industrial property rights and technology transfer.

2. Detect, providing information about counterfeit and pirated goods of inferior quality.

3.Bao defense, escort, escort individuals and organizations.

4.This internal theft investigations in the family company. Consulting and application specific solutions for customers to proactively prevent detection, blocking wrinkle loss, disclosure, theft and other requirements.